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Do you find yourself experiencing anxiety or worries when you want to be sleeping? Do you notice yourself replaying events from the day or significant events in your life in your mind over and over again?


It's no wonder you can't sleep well.

Your nervous system is on overload. Stress and a busy lifestyle has re-wired the neural pathways in your brain in a not-so-helpful way. Your mind has been racing for so long it has forgotten how to unwind and calm down. It's conditioned. It's like trying to NOT do that thing that you don't want to do, but before you know it, you're doing it anyway.

Yes, sleeplessness has become an ingrained habit that you just can't seem to break.

You've counted sheep, focused on your breath, turned the white noise on, drank warm milk that made your belly curdle, and tried plenty of other things for relief with little to no luck.

Oh, my dear, what you wouldn't do for a hypnotist with a dangling watch to show up at your bedside intoning, "You're getting very sleepy..."

The reality is that insomnia or restless sleep is enough to make you feel as if you're losing your mind and you don't know what to do anymore!

Good news, my blood-shot eyed friends... I CAN HELP!

FACT: Sleeping pills do not necessarily lead to better sleep or cure people.

Listen, millions of people across the world have trouble sleeping at night and research shows that sleeping pills are not always helping people have quality sleep or curing them.

FACT: Sleeping medications can have awful side effects.

I understand the need for sleep and the reaching for the pill bottle in your night stand drawer at 1am because you just can't fall asleep. But really, the side effects of such pills can cause nasty side effects like burning extremities, constipation, feeling tired all day long, alarming dreams, headaches, feeling like a drug addict, and at the extreme, death. Now I know you don't want to hear that, but those are the facts.

FACT: There is a cure for insomnia and restless sleep. A tried and true cure!

It's called HYPNOTHERAPY and baby, this is my specialty! And it's not just hype; hypnotherapy works because it helps recondition or retrain your brain and nervous system to calm-the-heck-down so you can wind down and drift off into a deep sleep ALL NIGHT LONG! So that you can wake up feeling refreshed, ready to take on the entire day!

How does hypnotherapy help you sleep better?

Hypnotherapy is more than direct suggestion. It's more than an "Abracadabra" and you're cured kind of thing. It specifically targets those thought patterns (which is technically a whole lot of neurotransmitters firing off in your brain) that keep your mind racing. You know the hamster on the wheel that just keeps turning? Well, hypnotherapy zaps that hamster and puts it to sleep for a good 7 to 8 hours. It reaches the subconscious mind and does its "magic" there in the deep layers of your brain, singing a lullaby.

Amazing Sleep Hypnosis has been designed just for you!

I know the struggle is real, my friends. That's why I've created various sleep hypnosis programs for any budget. I WANT you to get good sleep. I desire that you look forward to laying your head on your pillow at night, sighing a big sigh while sinking all the way down into your mattress. Knowing full well that within minutes you'll be off to la-la land dreaming some pretty awesome dreams.

So, what do you say?

Are you ready to finally take your sleep cycle to the level you desire?
Are you ready to allow hypnotherapy to cure your insomnia?
Wonderful! Let's get started!

I've created a collection of videos that offer all the benefits of a real-life hypnotherapy session in your home with the click of a button. All you have to do is listen!

I've created options for every budget too. Want to try just one? Great. The Original Amazing Sleep Hypnosis video is for you. Want a variety? Wonderful! The Sleepyhead Package, consisting of 4 videos, is ideal! Want the whole shebang? Excellent! The Deep Sleeper Package, consisting of 5 professional video sessions, assures you deep sleep forevermore! I know! I'm excited too!

You can even download The Deep Sleeper Package in the iTunes App Store!

Each video has a very specific purpose in mind, whether it is to reduce anxiety, resolve conflict or to simply calm and relax enough to get you to sleep.

Our Products


The Original Amazing Sleep Hypnosis.

Run Time: 20 Minutes

3 users

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4 Hypnosis videos that will have you sleeping deeply throughout the night.

The Original Amazing Sleep Hypnosis

A Movie of Your Life

A Walk in the Country

Deep Sleep

Over 60 minutes of relaxing hypnosis


5 Hypnosis videos for the ultimate sleep hypnosis experience.

The Original Amazing Sleep Hypnosis

A Movie of Your Life

A Walk in the Country

Deep Sleep

The Most Comfortable Bed in the World

Over 80 minutes of relaxing hypnosis

MP3 recordings of all five videos for easy listening on your mobile device

What is Amazing Sleep Hypnosis?

Amazing Sleep Hypnosis is more than direct suggestion. It is hypnotherapy. This collection of videos offers all the benefits of a real life hypnotherapy session in your home at the click of a button.

Each video has a very specific purpose in mind whether it is to reduce anxiety, resolve conflict or to simply calm and relax.

The Original Amazing Sleep Hypnosis (20 mins 22 secs)

The Original Amazing Sleep Hypnosis video will help you resolve some issues that may be preventing your brain from calming down enough to go to sleep. After a long day with your mind racing about a million different things, it NEEDS to calm down and relax, and sometimes you just need some help. This popular video features a relaxing, progressive style of induction. You can use this video for relaxation purposes, or to help you drift to sleep. Listening to this regularly, you'll find yourself drifting off to sleep easier and easier. This is pure hypnosis, as there is no background music in this video.

A Movie of Your Life (11 mins 30 secs)

A Movie of Your Life video will really help you if you tend to get stuck replaying a specific event or thought pattern in your mind before going to sleep. Ever lie there and replay something that happened over and over, making it nearly impossible to fall asleep? You toss and turn and try to think about something different, but that THING keeps coming back to haunt you? If so, this is the video for you, as it features a progressive style of induction that immediately takes you to a safe place in your mind. It contains a style of therapy that allows you to deal with any event (large or small) that you mull over and resolve it in your mind before drifting off to sleep. This video features gentle music and at the end you are given the option of drifting off to sleep or emerging from hypnosis.

A Walk in the Country (5 mins 35 secs)

A Walk in the Country is not a hypnosis video, but rather, a short, guided meditation designed to provide you with relaxing visualization and imagery that you can use at any time during the day when you feel as though you need a break. This is perfect for those moments during the day when your body goes into "fight or flight" due to a stressful or disturbing conversation or situation. This guided meditation allows you to create a beautiful space in your mind as you walk through the beautiful country and create your own perfect scene. As a result, you'll feel incredibly relaxed and safe. At the end of the video, you are simply instructed to open your eyes whenever you are ready. As always, if you need to be awake at a particular time, it is a good idea to set an alarm, just in case you do fall asleep.

Deep Sleep (30 mins 36 secs)

The Deep Sleep video is my most requested video, as it is a longer hypnosis session designed to guide you into a deep sleep listening only to the sound of my voice. It's the only video that features an eye fixation induction, followed by a long, slow direct suggestion. There is no option to emerge at the end of this video, as the goal is to get you sleeping deeply through the night. However, you are provided with the suggestion that you will wake in the event of an emergency, when your body is ready, or when your alarm sounds.

The Most Comfortable Bed (14 mins 18 secs)

The Most Comfortable Bed video guides you to your safe space, where you find the most comfortable bed in the entire world to sink down all comfy and cozy. This direct suggestion video is designed to allow you to drift off to sleep listening to the sound of my voice. It helps your brain to relax and calm down so much that it has to fall asleep. There is no music in this video and there is no option to emerge from hypnosis at the end. You are provided with the suggestion that you will drift off to sleep and you will wake in the event of an emergency, when your body is ready, or when your alarm sounds.